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Heritage Story : Baghrol Basa, formally known as ‘Ghosh Bari’ has a History on it’s own. Sri Pitambar Ghosh, a Jamindar from the lower flood plains of Bengal, built this 17th Century Ghosh Bari. It is situated at Kalbansh village of Amta, Howrah. Where, flood is an integral phenomenon and frequent destructions are inhabitable. Still today the full history of Ghosh Bari remains a mystery.
Baghrol Basa Story : ‘Baghrol’- meaning Fishing Cat in Bengali and Basa- meaning Nest or house. As the name suggest, Baghrol Basa has adapted a Nature friendly lifestyle to suit the only nest-making Cat in the world. Here we do research & conservation funded by the tourism money. Away from the crowed, disturbance and pollution few hours can easily past taking a dip in the natural pond full of Fishes, go fishing and enjoy wildlife surrounding them.
Baghrol Basa, A human habitat where the night belongs to the Wild. Ruled by their king, The Fishing Cat (Baghrol). This is a very good birding habitat; Chestnut-capped Babbler, Slaty-legged crake, Rufous woodpecker, Stork-billed kingfisher, Brown Fish owl, Barn Owl, Large-tailed nightjar, Rubythroat, Bluethroat, Black-hooded oriole, Bitterns (Black, Cinamon & yellow), Asian Paradise flycatcher and many more. More than 250 bird species are recorded from the surrounding area.

Accommodation : a) Classic Jamindar Suite : This classic Jamindar Suite is original and authentic restored and modified to the century old style with modern technology to feel the heritage within. Classic Jamindar Suite has ensuite Toilet, Dinning, Balcony and Orchid Garden.

b) Clay Jamindar Suite : Enjoy the elusive age-old style of Jamindar Clay suite made of all Local Natural material. In the year 1978, flood destroyed almost all the clay house in this area. ensuite Toilet, Dinning, Balcony and Orchid Garden.
Other features :

a) Dining cum Interactive area. b) Museum : The whole property is like a museum cum interpretation centre for local Wildlife & Culture.

c) Fresh Water ponds : The 4 inhouse freash water ponds servers many purpose- Conserved for Fishing Cat and other wildlife, Fish for the personal consumption, Angleing, Bathing & Photography.

d) Organic Farming : In our garden, local vegitables and fruits are the top priority along with local plants and herbs. e) Open Butterfly Garden

f)Eco-friendly safari : We use a battery operated safari car called TOTO is soundless.

g) Local Bengali Cuisine : The local Cuisine is in manyways defferent from the popular Bengali cusine. Enjoy the authentic taste of Flood plains of Bengal.

h) Local Art, Crafts and Culture: Local Arts, Crafts, Music, culture with a heritage flavour one can discover every corner of Baghrol Basa.

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